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Troubleshoot Guide for HK Series IP cameras
This Trouble shot Guide will help you become familiar with HK Series IP cameras.

1. Why is the camera’s image unclear?
Possible reasons and solutions:
Unmatched lens mount. There are two types of lens mount for box cameras,respectively are CS mount and C mount, the lens and camera must be matched with the same type.
Use Focus in / focus out to control the Clarity.
Check whether the lens or housing gets dirty.
In case of strong light condition, please select electronic iris as the lens type.

2. Why is the picture blurry?
1. If it is the resolution problem, please kindly check whether it is the best resolution
2. If it is the lens quality problem, please kindly check whether there is any damage in lens, or whether there is fog, dust or other things which block light.
3. If it failed to focalize, please kindly try to adjust the lens or localize again, if there is no result, please kindly try to adjust the back focus ring.
4. If it is the first time to install the device please kindly check the lens interface. If it is a lens with C type mounting base, C/CS lens adapter ring should be used.

3.What is PoE Power Supply? 
Only the network camera has POE. 1,2,3,6 are the data wire and 4,5,7,8 are idle. Two methods can be applied. With 8-core wire, one method is using 1-4 cores for both power supply and data transmission. Another method to use 5-8 cores for power supply while the rest for data transmission.

4. What is Third Stream?
Third Stream: Independent of main stream and sub stream, supported resolutions include all resolutions of main stream and sub stream. The encoding parameters can be configured individually. Given the network conditions and the terminal display capabilities, third streams is optional for remote live view: HD with full frame rate, HD with low frame rate and SD with full frame rate, respectively. Together with SVC and target cropping, third stream provides better live view performance. Also third stream offers users an alternative to select data streams.

5. How to capture with an IPC? 
At present all new released IPCs support snapshot function. The snapshots can be stored in the camera’s SD card or uploaded to FTP. Snapshot is divided into Timing Snapshot and Event-Triggered Snapshot.
How to configure capture function in web: Configuration->Storage->Schedule Settings->Capture.

6. How to configure port forwarding for IPC 
IPC port mapping
Currently most Hikvision IPC should map 3 ports out:
80(HTTP port), 8000 (control information), 554 (RTSP port)
80, 8000, 554 can be modified in the web configuration.

7. How to configure motion detection recording parameters using a SD card?
1.Access to the configuration interface of the IPC via web browser, follow Configuration->Storage->Storage Management to format the SD card. If the status shows Normal, it means that the format process is successful.
2.Follow Configuration->Storage->Schedule Settings to edit the schedule. Choose Motion and copy it to the whole week
3.Follow Configuration->Event->Basic Event->Motion Detection to enable this function.
4.You may need to set an area as well as sensitivity of the motion detection in the Area Settings. And please kindly go toLinkage Method to set the enable Notify Surveillance Center.

8. Why I can not login in the web browser with IP address?
Make sure the IP address of the camera are in the same subnet with your computer. You may need to modify the ip address with SADP software. 

9.Why the camera do not work on my NVR?
Firstly please make sure your NVR support ONVIF. If it does, please modify the IP Address of the camera to the same segment of the NVR. Adding the cameras manually by ONVIF ( Input the IP Address, user name, password ) Then It will works. The key point is the IP Address.

10. I have hikvision NVR, Why does the camera not work on it?
You need to check 2 things. 
1.Make sure the firmware of your NVR is the newest version. If not, please upgrade your NVR
2.Make sure the password of your cameras are the same as your NVRs.

11. Is there a plugin to make this work with Firefox or Chrome?
For Firefox or Chrome, We suggest Google Chrome 18 and Firefox 5.0 and above version

12. Can this be used with other brand of nvr? i have a supercircuits recorder.
Of course. Our cameras are support onvif. It could be used with 3-party NVRs. As we checked, Supercircuits NVRs are partly from HIKVISION. For for hikvision re-branded NVR, it support plug and play.

13. The camera are activated when I received. How could I login, because I do not have username and password?
If in this condition, please contact us for support to get the password back.
 14.Can you connect to this camera via various browsers and configure / view video without installing browser plugins?
For video display, as different browser request, it might need installing plugins.
15. Do i need an nvr or dvr to use this camera? can i just use it with pc and phone, or i do not need to buy nvr?
If you want to store the videos, we suggest you to purchase a NVR. ( Network Video Recorder ). But you could also use the camera alone with computer or mobile device.
If you have any suggestions or question for us.Please contact us.