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Troubleshoot for 4 IN 1 Security cameras
This Trouble shot Guide will help you become familiar with 4 in 1 security cameras.

Important Notice:
1.Our 4-in-1 security camera requires a DVR for recording video. It supports1080PHD TVI DVR, HD CVI DVR, AHD DVR, and 960H ( D1. 700TVL, 800TVL) DVR. It does not support NVR.
2.In TVI, CVI, AHD DVR Mode, camera resolution is 1080P. In CVBS mode, resolution is 700TVL.
3.Camera resolution is 1080P. If connect to 720P DVRs or 960H DVRs, it won’t work. Please make sure your DVR supports 1080P TVI/ CVI/AHD signal input.

1. Why does it not work on my DVR?
Answers: There are 5 types of recorder in the market now.
TVI DVR ( Turbo DVR, which is mostly manufacture by HIKVISION), CVI DVR ( Which is mostly manufacture by Dahua), AHD DVR, 960H ( D1, 700TVL, 800TVL) DVR ( Which is the earliest recorder, D1/ 960H), NVR ( Only works on IP cameras, not supports with this camera ). So you need to know which type of the DVR you use. Then switch the cameras signal mode accordingly. If your DVR is AHD type, but the cameras signal you switch to TVI, it will not work.

2. I have one of the dome cameras that would not do 1080P, but 960*480. Why?
Answers: If you choose CVBS/960H signal, the resolution will be 960*480. The resolution depends on the DVR that you use.

3.Will this plug directly into a TV or monitor without a DVR to get a cctv system, and have high resolution?
Answers: Only 960H (CVBS) signal could be plug direct to a TV or Monitor, but the problem is that, this is a regular 960H signal, not high definition.
For 1080P TVI/AHD/CVI High Definition signal, it is using a special HD 960h technology, it requires the display equipment has a corresponding decoding chipset, at this moment, only stand alone TVI CVI AHD DVR has this function. So it means it doesn't support to display high definition video by plugging directly to a TV or monitor.

4. Is the video viewed from an app?
Ansers: If you want to remote review by app, you need to use the App of the DVR.

5. what kind of wire do I get to wire to this?
Answers: RJ59 Coaxial cable.

6. Picture is not clear at all. Lots of blue horizontal scrolling lines. 
Answers: The horizontal scrolling line, It might be caused by the no good quality power supply and cable. Because 1080P TVI AHD CVI High Definition D1 ( 960H/ 700TVL/ 80TVL) camera has much higher requirements for power and cable. Please use a new power supply and a new cable to test it, you will find the difference.

7. I am using XXX DVR, how does it works for your security cameras?

Answers: Before you connect this camera to your DVRs, please confirm which type of your DVR use. then switch the camera mode matching with your DVRs. If you do not confirm the DVR trye, please tell us the model No and the purchase link.
We will confirm for you.

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